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Digital DESIGN, Jamaica

About Us
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Digital Design is a strategic business unit of PAUL HAY Capital Projects (PHCP). We were founded on October 2001, when most information technology services, including computer-aided architectural drawing (CAAD), were transferred to us. The remaining software sales being transferred to us on March 2003 (see PHCP website).


We understand your need to maximize the effectiveness of your personnel to achieve business objectives: ultimately sustainable competitive advantage. So, the requisite expertise is on hand to responsibly translate your strategic objectives into achievable plans; then reliably monitor and control lead times for deliverables.

Photo of building survey; Size=240 pixels wide


Our mission is: to enhance the competitiveness of Caribbean-based businesses through application of information and communication technology (ICT) in the planning, design, construction, and operation of their facilities, infrastructure and supporting institutions.

To this end, we only procure high-quality products and serve you in a professional and efficient manner. We also partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, so you can have confidence in the products procured and services rendered.

Digital DESIGN * P.O.Box 3367 * Constant Springs * Kgn.8 * Jamaica