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Digital DESIGN, Jamaica

Our Services
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We offer several information & communication technology [ICT] services to organizations involved in the design, construction, or operation of buildings.

The construction and real estate industries now require significant use of ICT systems; and, we specialize in services to organizations within these industries who are involved in automating their operations to remain competitive. We will handle all your ICT needs.

Here are some services we may offer:
--Computer-aided drafting [CAD];
--CAD training;
--Specification of computer hardware & software;
--Procurement of computer hardware & software;
--Installation of computer hardware & software; and
--System Integration

Our hardware & software solutions include:

Workstations/Notebooks/PDAs Project Management
Graphics Cards & Monitors Electronic Data Management
Digitizers & other input devices Office Suites & Accounting
Printers, Scanners & Plotters CAD (2D, 3D, Mobile)
UPS & Backup Devices Anti-virus & Utility programs

For other services, see PAUL HAY Capital Projects website.

Digital DESIGN * P.O.Box 3367 * Constant Springs * Kgn.8 * Jamaica